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#KusiekChats – Active School Travel

Physical activity and creating an environment that empowers kids is important. In this episode Julie chats with guests Tracey and Marcel about current successes towards active school travel. We’ll also be touching on opportunities to more equitably create an environment that is safe and welcoming for students and staff to actively travel to school.

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Tracey Coutts, Ever Active Schools

Ever Active Schools is a national charity located here in Alberta focused on supporting healthy school communities.  

Marcel Huculak, President of A Path Less Travelled Consulting Inc.

Marcel is president of A Path Less Travelled Consulting. He is a practising transportation engineer with over 30 years of work experience. He is passionate about active transportation and Safe System projects. A Path Less Travelled serves as Marcel’s vehicle to work with people he likes, on projects he likes, at the pace he likes. Through A Path Less Travelled Marcel wants to change the world and have fun doing it.

Marcel chooses to not own a car; instead, to get around Edmonton he uses mostly his legs by walking or cycling. He also uses public transportation, car share, rideshare, and e-scooters. He is in his 29th year as a commuting cyclist. More recently he just finished serving on the Boards of Paths for People and the Belgravia Community League. You will often find Marcel on Friday mornings at @Coffee_Outside at Ezio Faraone Park.


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