Civic and Community Leaders Endorse Julie

“Julie Kusiek has my respect as a trailblazer for positive change in Edmonton. Over the past decade, I’ve seen Julie focus on the big picture, but also understand the details needed to mobilize community, build consensus, and lead impactful change.

As a parent with children in a Ward F Edmonton Public school, I want Julie’s authentic leadership, experience, and extraordinary drive working for all our kids. On October 18, I encourage you to vote for Julie Kusiek.

Don Iveson

Mayor, City of Edmonton

“Julie Kusiek has a passion for children and for the success of every child. She is a demonstrated community builder and collaborator. Julie would be a great Trustee and advocate for students and public education.”

Bev Esslinger

Former Trustee and Board Chair Edmonton Public School Board

“Julie understands what it means to have a good education. She’s interested in how our education system in Edmonton can be the best in the country and the world by using the resources the city and the province have to make that happen.”

Michael Phair

Former Chair, Board of Governors at University of Alberta

I am very happy to endorse Julie Kusiek as a candidate for the Edmonton Public School Board.

As a City Councillor I have known and worked with Julie for well over a decade. In that time I have been hugely impressed by her commitment to community. She has a remarkable ability to both  listen and give voice to the concerns of those around her.  And she gets great things done.

Without her energy and determination we would no longer have a Scona Pool let alone a commitment from Council to move forward with a new community multi purpose rec centre to replace it.

Her neighbourhood would not have the people and children first safety measures that have transformed the streets, roads and sidewalks in her community.

Julie has a remarkable ability to bring people together and lead them to real and positive change. I cannot think of a better person for our school board.”

Ben Henderson

Four-Term Councillor, City of Edmonton

“Julie has been one of the most effective and active community leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with during my time on Edmonton City Council. Her commitment to healthy, sustainable and safe communities for families and kids has been inspiring.

Julie is a real leader who understands community engagement and good governance. I am very pleased to be voting for her this fall as the next Edmonton Public School Board Trustee for Ward F.”

Michael Walters

Two-Term Councillor, City of Edmonton

“I have had several conversations with Julie over the past few months. She has impressed me with her intelligence and willingness to listen and learn. She is a parent and will bring a strong parent perspective to Board decisions. Julie has vision and has spoken imaginatively about improved inter-governmental collaboration leading to improved outcomes for communities and students. She understands the importance of public education to community. She will be a great addition to the Edmonton Public School Board.”

Dave Colburn

Edmonton Public School Trustee, 2004-2013 and Board Chair, 2010-2012

Darren Markland Endorsement Image
Image released by Edmonton & District Labour Council to their members listing their endorsements for the 2021 Edmonton Municipal Election. Julie Kusiek is listed as the endorsed candidate for Ward F Edmonton Public School Board Trustee. Members are encouraged to vote for candidates that support working families and public services.

“This election cycle I am voting for Julie Kusiek for the School Board Trustee for EPSB Ward F. I first met Julie on the Board of Green Circle Preschool and later served with her on the board of Parkallen School Council.

Julie is a passionate advocate for public education. I believe she will build upon her successful track record of community engagement and collaboration with the City of Edmonton to address the challenges facing EPSB.

She is a safe pair of hands in these turbulent times.”

Julie Beschell

Chair of Parkallen School Council

“Julie is an enthusiastic leader, collaborative community builder as well as a strong vocie for excellence in public education. Julie will passionately support the best for students, schools and the community networks that support them.”

Diane Dunn

Former teacher, Community School Coordinator (Steinhauer), Community Recreation Coordinator (City of Edmonton)

Lori Bond Endorsement for Julie Kusiek, EPSB Ward F
John Acheson, former trustee, Edmonton Catholic School District endorses Julie Kusiek

Julie Kusiek is a strong advocate for strong public services. I got to know Julie well through her initiative, Thrive YEG. This campaign rallied ordinary Edmontonians to urge City Council not to make budget cuts to vital city programs and services.

Thanks to Thrive YEG, city programs and services that Edmontonians care about were saved. She can and will do the same for a strong public education system. On October 18, Julie has my vote for EPSB Ward F Trustee.

Brett Lambert

Advocate for great public services, Ward F parent and Royal Gardens resident

“Julie is a force. I had the pleasure of working with her on several active transportation projects, including lowering residential speed limits in Edmonton. Her passion, organization, and unfailing optimism are inspiring. She is an exemplary community builder and go-getter.

Dave Buchanan

Former Chair, Paths for People

“Julie Kusiek is a tireless community builder who leads by example, builds consensus, and achieves great results. Her commitment to improving our shared community is boundless. I know she will make a positive difference as an Edmonton Public School Board Trustee!”

Dave Rumbold

Active Community Member, Riverbend / Terwillegar area

“I have great respect for Julie’s community leadership. As president of the Queen Alex Community League, she’s been a tireless advocate for local recreation services that are accessible and inclusive to all. She’s been an amazing leader of active travel and safety within our neighbourhood.

Julie would be an amazing trustee because she can create platforms and has an energy to have positive debates and listen to each other on key social, learning, educational, and health issues. Julie would be an amazing voice for the health and wellbeing of schools as being hubs of our community.

Julie has my full support.

Brian Torrance

Leader in health promotion, former Chair Edmonton Sport Council, and parent of Ward F students

Dedication, enthusiasm, perseverance, hope, a willingness to listen, an understanding of governance, a passion for youth engagement, and the ability to get things done even when the challenge seems insurmountable are the strengths Julie will bring to the role of school board trustee. But don’t just take my word for it, read her long list of endorsements. I support Julie and I know she will be an asset for Ward F, especially in these challenging times for education in our province.

Deann Stein Hasinoff

Ward F parent, community advocate and volunteer

“Julie is committed to making a difference in our schools. I can’t think of anyone who will fight harder, listen actively or care more deeply than Julie. She’s the right person for the job! I look forward to voting for Julie on October 18th.

Lisa Dickner

Former School Council Colleague

“I think Julie would make an excellent trustee for the ward. She’s a parent, she’s a seasoned advocate, and a campaign lead. She has excellent communication and networking skills which I think will be really important and necessary for reaching out to the school community.

I know that Julie cares about what parents think and she cares about what community members think as well and works hard to bring those voices forward.

So, I encourage you to vote for Julie for trustee.”

Cheryl Chetkiewicz

Community and School Council Volunteer

Sheila Campbell
Christopher, Age 8, Superhero endorses Julie Kusiek for Edmonton Public School Board Ward F Trustee

I first met Julie during the Engage 106/76 project, where as a local community leader she got our City to see its neighbourhood rehabilitation as stretching well beyond community boundaries.

Julie began the grassroots process that engaged and empowered residents, leading to one of the most successful road rehabilitation projects Edmonton has ever seen.

I love seeing kids cycling to school on bikes lanes. And when I do, I think of one person with a passion for community and an ability to make good things happen. Julie Kusiek.”

Marcel Huculak

Transportation Engineer and Cycling Advocate

Strong, vibrant public schools are vital to healthy communities, and I am pleased to support Julie Kusiek’s candidacy for Trustee. Julie has long been an advocate for effective public engagement and has an impressive track record of accomplishments for her neighbourhood and our city. If elected, our schools will greatly benefit from Julie’s passion, dedication, and leadership.”

Gary Redmond

Non-Governmental Organization Executive Director & Parent

Endorsement image - Bryan McClean
Conrad Norbert Endorsement

Julie is totally committed and brings people together even on contentious issues.

She listens to everyone and is passionate about what is best for the community.

Emily Vespi & Jason Harris

QA Crossroads and Engage 106-76 volunteers

“I am delighted Julie Kusiek is running for the public school board. Dedicated, collaborative and resourceful, she is the kind of community leader we need. Julie will be an excellent advocate for families.

Jeff Samsonow

Communications professional and community volunteer

“Excited to support Julie Kusiek for Trustee.

#TeamKusiek has an amazing ability to bring together communities for common causes and greater good.”

Ky Mathewson

Associate professor, parent, and safe transportation advocate

“I support Julie because she is a strong advocate for schools, community, and all families. I’m confident her experience, knowledge, and energy will make her a great public school board trustee.

Jordon Peterson

Ward F parent and big supporter of public education

“As a high school student in 2010, I worked on the “I Swim Scona” campaign Julie led. Together, with students and the community, we kept Scona Pool open. Julie knows how important recreation is to student well-being AND how the voices of young people matter. On October 18, Julie will get my vote.

Jonathan Dubue

Doctoral student in counselling psychology

“I have always been impressed with Julie’s integrity, passion, drive, and enthusiasm to do her best for the community and its constituents. She will bring these unique attributes to the EPSB and offer a fresh perspective and forward thinking approach to enhance the level of public education in Edmonton.”

Alan Jones, PhD

Tales and Talents volunteers, Abbott Elementary School

Katie Soles Endorsement
Laurie Adkin Endorsement
Lindsay Erickson Endorsement
Lisa Brown Endorsement Image

I am Julie’s neighbour and have seen firsthand what her tireless determination and ability to listen and work with others can do to build bridges and transform a community. I can’t think of a better advocate for first rate public education.”

Philippa Rodrigues

Parent of Strathcona High School graduates

Julie was a good advocate for our community when she was on the QACL board. She was very receptive and helpful about educational issues we shared with her during the pandemic concerning our children.”

Rob Harkema and Melody Everest

Ward F parents and residents

Marilyn Stevenson Endorsement
Marion Matthew and Melanie Endorsement
Shirley Lowe endorses Julie Kusiek for Edmonton Public School Board Ward F Trustee
Robyn Paches endorses Julie Kusiek for Edmonton Public School Board Ward F Trustee
Photo of Julie with volunteers delivering flyers