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some news featuring students at Edmonton Public Schools

Debate Competition at J. Percy Page

Former Jasper Place Basketball Player in NCAA

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Over $200,000 raised by Strathcona High School Students for Zebra Centre

Quick Notes from the Board Meeting

April 30 Special Board Meeting – Formal Relationship with Police

At the April 30 Special Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees voted in favour of the following two motions: 

  1. Given the completion of the review and input received, the Board is open to Edmonton Police Service having a formal role in Division schools to enhance student and staff safety.
  2. That the Board amend CHA.BP Board Delegation of Authority by deleting section 2(c) which currently has the Board retaining authority over decisions, contracts or agreements with or related to policing, security or paramilitary organizations, thereby resulting in this authority reverting back to the Superintendent.

To learn more about what this means, what new information Trustees used to make their decision, and what next steps can be expected I encourage you to go to the following sources:

Policy Feedback: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

The Board of Trustees approved first reading of an update to our Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Policy. The update is to ensure language is up to date and aligns with language in the Alberta Human Rights Act. The proposed changes do not impact the purpose or direction of the policy from its original intent. Now we’re inviting your feedback. Please share your thoughts in the online survey by June 12.

Student Transportation Fees

Student transportation fees are staying the same for next year. That’s $55/month for K-12 students taking ETS, $30/month for K-12 students taking yellow bus and free for Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 students who need additional care or specialized supports when taking yellow bus. Full report including improvements to student transportation this past year can be found here. As a quick reminder, the deadline to apply for yellow bus service for next year is June 1.

Centre of Education Capital Plan

Edmonton Public Schools is not funded directly for the maintenance of the Centre for Education, our headquarters. However, some critical components are at end of life and beginning to fail. The Board of Trustees approved funding over four years to address the most critical items including 41 year old roof (with designed life expectancy of 30 years), data centre upgrades, addressing water infiltration to protect the building’s foundation and more. The cost of these most pressing capital needs is $8.5 million over four years. Addressing all capital maintenance items for the Centre for Education is estimated to take eight years and would require additional funding once the first four years have been completed. Full report her

Update on Seclusion Rooms and Physical Restraint

On May 25, 2021, the Board of Trustees passed the following motion:
That data on the use of seclusion and restraint are reported to the Board annually, along with work on systemic changes so that these practices are no longer needed or used. You can read this year’s report here.

Congrats Aura!

Congratulations to Lillian Osborne Junior Achievement team, Aura. Aura won first place in the Big Pitch competition, marking a third consecutive win for Lillian Osborne’s JA team! If you would like to support Aura and their amazing accomplishments, please check out their products at

Gaps in Funding – High Impact for Growing School Divisions

You may have heard that education funding in the province continues to increase. In fact, the total budgeted Alberta Education revenue to Edmonton Public Schools based on the 2024-2025 budget is the largest amount the Division has ever received at $1.23 billion. This is 4.4 per cent  more than we anticipate receiving for the current year (2023-2024). 

However, when you factor in the weighted moving average (WMA) funding formula (implemented in 2020), record enrolment growth and inflation, schools are seeing a funding cut for next year. Because the WMA bases funding on enrolment over three years, it does not keep pace with our rapid growth. Next year we anticipate 4,002 students will be unfunded. This is more than total enrolment at some school divisions in the province. It would be unreasonable to expect these divisions to operate with zero funding. Similarly, it is incredibly difficult for Edmonton Public Schools to have to absorb such a funding gap year after year. The problem of a funding gap is something I am hearing from other growing school divisions in the province as well, and is not unique to Edmonton Public Schools.

In the graph below you can see that the gap between funded full-time equivalent (FTE) enrolment and actual enrolment continues to widen. This means more unfunded students each year.

In terms of dollar value, this represents a gap of about $31 million dollars for the upcoming school year. (That’s enough to fund over 300 teachers.) 

Finally, add in inflation, and the gap widens to an estimated $291 million in the 2024-2025 school year. 

Our Board continues to raise awareness of this gap with the government and continues to put our best thinking forward in a collaborative manner towards alternative solutions. I am appreciative of the opportunity to have these necessary conversations with government. 

The Board of Trustees continues to be tireless in our advocacy to close the funding gap. Our students, our communities and our collective future deserve no less and we are ready to do our part to continue providing a thriving, world-class public education system.  You can read further details about the graphs shared above here. If you have questions, email me at

Out and About

Wîhkwêntôwin School event – Recently I had the privilege of attending an event, alongside ward Trustee Trisha Estabrooks, unveiling a new basketball court at Wîhkwêntôwin School. It’s a fantastic example of collaborative efforts, benefiting both the community and students. This project highlights the power of partnerships in creating positive spaces for recreation and learning. Very fitting for a school that embodies “circle of friends.”

ASBA (Alberta School Board Association) Zone 2/3 MLA engagement – Recently, we had an opportunity to share the story of Edmonton Public Schools at the ASBA Zone 2/3 MLA session, particularly around students with complex needs. A special thanks to Trustee Estabrooks for her efforts in helping to organize this advocacy opportunity. These engagements are crucial in showcasing our dedication to student achievement.

State of the City – We are a growing city. A growing city needs all kinds of things to thrive – including  schools and strong public education for the children of workers and business owners who move here and make their home in our province’s capital city. Students carry so much potential for our city’s future. Looking forward to continuing advocacy and collaborative work towards  building an Edmonton for all.

Specialized programming school tour – Vice Chair Jan Sawyer and I recently had an opportunity to tour MLA Andrew Boitchenko around both L.Y. Cairns and McKee schools. Many thanks to principals Angela Blanchette and Errol Johnson for hosting. The tour focused on specialized education in Interactions, Connections and Opportunities classrooms and what both inclusion and choice for families looks like in the Division. 

I appreciated the opportunity to show the great work of our schools and staff and discuss the opportunities for further investment to support students with diverse learning needs.

Meeting with Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism – Trustee O’Keefe, Superintendent Robertson and I met with Honourable Muhammad Yaseen, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism. He shared the work that the Government of Alberta is doing in regard to anti-racism and was appreciative of the excellent work being done at Edmonton Public Schools through our Division Strategic Plan Priority 2, our Anti-Racism, Reconciliation and Equity Plan, multi-faith calendar and more. We look forward to further supporting work towards anti-racism, reconciliation and equity in Edmonton Public Schools and in Alberta.

Garneau School Centennial Celebration – Incredible night celebrating Garneau School’s centennial. Generations of alumni and staff came together to share memories and learn more about this historic school. I briefly spoke to one alumni who was also there for the 50th year celebration, too. Amazing.

It was awe-inspiring to listen to the story of COMMUNITY, reconciliation, and fostering a love of learning and curiosity that is at the heart of 100 years. Thank you to everyone who worked to put on this event, and especially Linda and Tera for your efforts.

Sweet Grass Culture Days – It was awesome to see so many students proudly wear or bring to school items that are significant to their cultural heritage, and to share that with classmates. Pictured below are paper Koi kites placed in the trees around the school in honour of a Japanese tradition for International Day of the Child.

Bus Driver Appreciation Event – Great to stop in and chat with many of the dedicated bus drivers that ensure students get to school and home again safely. Thank you to bus drivers for the critical role you play in students’ learning day. 

Alberta Forest Week at Parkallen School – It’s Alberta Forest Week and time for grade 1 trees!!! Thanks to Parkallen School for having me out for your event. If you’re a parent of a grade one student like I am, you can check out for tips on how to care for the seedling and where you can plant it. 

Let’s Juxtapose Art Tournament – Talk about COLLABORATION! Shoutout to three passionate teachers – Ms. Chapman (McKernan), Ms. Robertson (Allendale) and Ms. Leroux (Victoria School of the Arts) – for organizing the Let’s Juxtapose Art Tournament for students at their three schools.

Students from McKernan did a workshop with collage artist Zeph Mind. Students from all three schools also worked together to create 3D collages in an art tournament. Those collages are now featured at the Art Gallery of Alberta along with Zeph Mind’s pieces. (Fun fact: Zeph Mind is also a former student of Ms. Chapman!) You can check out the project for the month of May, downstairs at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Thank you to Principal Horton for inviting me to McKernan last week to see the beginnings of this creative journey and to Ms. Chapman for the invitation to join in the celebration at the AGA last night. How cool is that to be in junior high and be able to say your work was on display at the Art Gallery of Alberta?!??!?

Avalon Grade 9 Science Fair – Lemons that can turn on a light. Lemon flavoured gelatin dyed different colours to gather insight into perceptions of taste. Oreo cookies and peer pressure experiments. AI to make shoes and more. Visualizing sound. Pollution in space. Thin-layer chromatography. The topics were endless! Many thanks to Mme Geisel for the invitation to attend. It was great chatting with students, their families and even former students of Mme Geisel who came back to be judges. These experiences can stay with a student for a lifetime. Much gratitude to the the work of schools, educators, families and STUDENTS who just rocked science!

Youth Diversity Day – It was a honour to welcome her honour Lieutenant Governor Salma Lakani, Dr. Sean Lessard and members of the Pheonix Multi-Faith Society for Harmony to the Diversity Day Youth conference. We know that we are facing many challenges in our communities, whether they be in schools, our city or the world. Seeing all the faces of students at this conference, ready to find solutions and build bridges was both inspiring and hopeful. Many thanks to educators for organizaing the day and to our partners and supporters in this work.



Alberta Newcomer Awards – Nominations Open

The Alberta Newcomer Recognition Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of Albertans born abroad. They honour individuals – youth, women, seniors, entrepreneurs, community builders and others – who have enriched the province through volunteer activities, leadership, innovation, business, or academic and professional achievements.
Nominees must have been born outside of Canada but are now Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and currently living in Alberta. They can have resided in Canada for many years, or just a few.
See the Newcomer Awards Guidelines and award categories below for more details. Nominate a newcomer who has made a difference by Thursday June 20, 2024 at noon (12:00 pm MST).

Mark your Calendar

May 16 – Ward F School Council Network Meeting, 6-8 pm at McKee
May 24 – Special Board Meeting (budget)
May 28 – Regular Board Meeting
June 12 – Feedback deadline for SOGI policy update