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Don’t you want to read the next Ward F Newsletter, just so you can see what’s up with that cute puppy🐶? Or that turkey? 🐔Or those amazing students? 

In this newsletter, here’s what you will find:

Updates from the Board 
– Student Senate Work Plan
– EPSB position on voucher system for education
– Policy Review Committee Workplan
– Motion to reinstate Alberta School Council Association Funding

Story Sharing
– Etta the dog at Richard Secord
– Giant Turkey at Rideau Park

Useful Info
– Masking in Schools (article)

Mark Your Calendar
– November 16 – GEHAC Conversation 
– About Mental Health
– November 19 – FYREFLYS Annual Alberta GSA Conference
– November 29 Board Meeting

You may be wondering, “how may I read this lovely newsletter?” Well, my dear friends – just head to this newsletter link.

Have a lovely evening.