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On Tuesday, October 26, the new and re-elected trustees for Edmonton Public School Board met.

What do we do at a Board Organizational Meeting?

We do things like choose the Chair and Vice-Chair. We also nominate one another for committee positions and union. This is done annually, usually in June. However, this was an election year, so it happened in October.

The committees I will sit on for the remainder of this school year include:

  • Advocacy Committee (alongside Trustee Hole and Trustee Hancock) and
  • Infrastructure Committee (alongside Trustee Sumar and Trustee Ip).

Trustee Sawyer and I will also be representatives for ATA Local 373 Negotiations.

What’s Next?

Committees will begin to meet. We will choose a chair. We will also review our terms of reference and develop our work plan for presentation to the Board. There is lots of exciting work to come!

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