When I was a new mom 12 years ago my neighbourhood had few childcare options available. Flexible and affordable child care would have made such a difference for my family. I’m hearing it would make a huge difference for others across Ward F, too.

As trustee, I will be a voice for high quality, affordable, accessible, and inclusive early learning and child care. It is vitally important for families who want and need it.

It is also vital to our schools as hubs in our communities

Edmonton Public plays an essential role in early learning and child care in Edmonton.

Schools provide needed space for before and after school care, preschools, and daycares. Childcare staff bring babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to school playgrounds and fields. Childcare providers and teachers connect to support students and families.

There’s a lot of good happening already. And we can do more. 

Especially if the EPSB, the City of Edmonton, and organizations like End Poverty Edmonton and members of the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care (ECEFC) work together.

As trustee, I will work to advance policies and initiatives that prioritize early learning and care, such as the Recommended Actions for Education in Support of Early Learning and Care identified by ECELC.

“I’ve presented to Edmonton City Council countless times around planning issues and to advocate for neighbourhoods that work better for families. Efficiency of travel is really important for families, and that’s why a planning approach for 15 minute community that priorities early learning and childcare spaces is so important.

– Julie Kusiek

“I have a 12 year track record of advocating to the City of Edmonton for improved public services that impact families. I have an existing relationship with key city administrators, am respected by several current and former member of city city council, and am regarded as a well known community leader.”

– Julie Kusiek

We need more early learning and care space within schools.

As President of a preschool that operated in an Edmonton Public school, I know how beneficial it is to have space within a school. I also know first hand what it takes to build a strong relationship between school administration and an early learning nonprofit.

As a trustee, I’ll work towards ensuring space is available for early learning and childcare within our schools, and that school administration knows they will be supported in doing their part to build that relationship with early learning and childcare operators.

“I believe it takes a village to raise a child.

I also firmly believe in the important role public services can play in improving our everyday quality of life, which was highlighted through the Thrive YEG project I led in 2018.

Viewing early learning and childcare as a necessary public service absolutely benefits all of us as a society. It also helps to build a supportive village around families.”

– Julie Kusiek

Julie Kusiek Edmonton Public School Board Trustee candidate Ward F supports childcare and early learning

$10 a day childcare.

There’s money on the table for the province right now. I’d love to see school boards, parents, and the City of Edmonton work together to help bring the province on board to accept the federal funding available for $10/day childcare. As school board trustee, I can also keep advocating that the federal government not give up on Alberta!

More spaces will take more collaboration.

Collaboration and partnership is a
key priority of my campaign. 

As an elected official, I will work towards partnerships with organizations like the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care (ECELC) on data sharing, finding space within our schools for early learning and childcare providers, providing access to professional development and involving child care
centres in school events like assemblies and sport days.

“Julie stands out for her creativity, commitment and cooperation. I’m so impressed by her ability to take things from concept to creation. Her outstanding qualities will help kids get a great education.”

Katrina Semeniuk

Ward F parent, Green Circle Preschool volunteer, and QA Playgroup leader

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